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Top Secret Shredding Solutions

Stop worrying about confidential data making its way to the wrong places. These eight high security shredders are the best machines on the market for destroying paper documents as well as magnetic and optical storage devices due to their high efficiency and low maintenance needs. 

1. Intimus High-Security 60CC6

The Intimus High-Security 60CC6 is an NSA compatible crosscut shredder for high-security shredding. It has a special dynamic load sensing system that alerts the user against overloading the machine. It comes with noise reduction and energy saving features, priced at approximately $1575 at retail.

2. Intimus 175 Hybrid

The Intimus 175 Hybrid is a popular high-security shredder that complies with BSI and NSA standards. It is equipped with specially-designed shafts that are capable of shredding paper as well as magnetic disks. It is extremely user-friendly with a shredding capacity of 70g/m2 as well as energy-efficient

3. Intimus 8000 Degausser

The Intimus 8000 degausser is ideal for destroying magnetic tapes and removing any data stored on them. It is a highly compact machine, which saves office space. 

4. Intimus 9000 Degausser

The Intimus 9000 degausser is a powerful, efficient drive shredder that is NSM certified. It deletes all data stored on your magnetic devices by generating an opposing magnetic force leaving no chance of unauthorized data retrieval. It comes with a one-year warranty on parts. 

5. Intimus 20,000 Degausser

The Intimus 20,000 Degausser is a NATO listed degausser that creates strong pulses to remove data from magnetic disks and drives. Operating of single pass technology, it eliminates the need for multiple passes of the same drive. It is ideal for office use since it is portable and easy to use.  

6. Intimus Flash-Ex

This is a unique shredder in that it offers industrial strength efficiency while consuming a fraction of the power. It performs at a very efficient pace, producing minimal vibrations or noise. The adjustment of the strength of shredding is automatic according to the thickness of the shredding material. It is safe and easy to operate. 

7. Intimus VZ Multimedia 150

The Intimus VZ Multimedia 150 is a high-impact hard drive shredder that eliminates data by breaking the data disks into small particles. The shredder operates at a rapid pace and ensures an H-5 level of security, making data retrieval impossible. 

8. Intimus HDD Granulator

This shredder operates with a 400V and consumes 4kW of power. It uses special hybrid technology to perform shredding and disk breaking functions simultaneously. It has a large-sized feed hopper that maximizes its shredding capacity. The security level is adjustable by controlling the diameter of the mesh screen, enabling shredding the paper or disk to a very fine degree.

If you want to protect sensitive information or top-secret documents and data, using any of these machines is the way to go. So, try them out now.