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HIPAA Compliant Security Solutions

You can get extremely innovative Intimus HIPAA compliant solutions here at our website. We offer security solutions for everything from automated mails to shredding and cash management. According to the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Security rule, there are standards set to protect an individual's health information.

To ensure this, health care providers need to use highly secure electronic platforms and destroy any hard copies that can compromise compliance with this rule. As a security solution, hospital staff uses shredders to destroy sensitive information to protect the privacy of the patient. This is where portable and affordable shredders come handy. Moreover, providers of healthcare services must comply with rules outlined for protection of information.

Keep Shredders at Medical Facilities

A physician or pharmacist and medical practitioner can need a shredder to dispose of sensitive documents. Although we live in the electronic age, there are times when a printout is important. Perhaps the patient needs some explanation or the doctors need to meet and discuss their findings. After that, in compliance with HIPAA, it is important to protect the patient’s sensitive information. Therefore, the shredder must be on standby all the time to make things easy and safe to dispose of.

It is important to keep in mind that sharing a patient’s personal information without proper consent can lead to legal implications. Therefore, whenever there is the need to share information, the physician must collect written permission from the patient.

HIPAA & Protecting Sensitive Information in Mail

The main objective of the establishment of HIPAA was to combat abuse and fraud in the healthcare and insurance industry. This act binds health care providers to maintain an appropriate physical and technical approach to prevent unintentional disclosure or misuse of health information. This includes all past, present, and future information about ones' mental and physical condition. It becomes mandatory for medical practitioners and administrators to destroy any document that can lead to unprotected misuse of patient information. This means protecting the patients' logs, medical history, insurance and billing information, and mails. Therefore, if there is any mail that can prove sensitive it may need destroying after making necessary entries. At such times, a shredder will be important.

Cash Management According to HIPAA

Cash management according to HIPAA is very important. We offer smart cash safes that help deliver funds directly into bank systems, without the need for expensive visits by Cash-In-Transit companies. With this solution, providers can manage cash flow without hassles and mix information.

It is possible to manage cash without completely breaking up with an insurance company or cutting off an insurance agreement with the physician. There is the need to comply with the preexisting conditions surrounding a health insurance. According to the act, the provider must submit a claim for the cost incurred while providing a patient the medical care covered by the insurance policy. There is no exception for when a patient pays from his/her pocket for a procedure. There is a requirement for disclosure of such information unless the patient restricts sharing this information.