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Top Secret Shredding Solutions

Are you looking for some secret shredding solutions because you don’t want sensitive information getting into the wrong hands? Perhaps you need a quick solution to recycle things and need an instant disintegrator. If it is any consolation, there are numerous reasons why millions of people search for exactly what you are looking for. The good news is that you have come to the right place. Here you will find the top shredding solutions that will make it possible to secure the sensitive information. For starters, you need to know that whether the information is on hard copies like papers of any kind or on a digital storage device, you can shred it.

Sounds difficult to believe? Well, thanks to modern technology today, you will find all kinds of machines that do what you should not do with your bare hands. After extensive research and technological advances, there are extremely convenient and innovative solutions at your disposal. Here is what you need to know in order to find the ideal shredding solutions that match your specific needs.


As the name implies, a shredder is a device that shreds something. Nowadays, DoD and NSA approved shredders are in the market and other machines like disintegrators that destroy classified information. They help keep information top secret. Mostly, shredders destroy papers, but you can find various models that have high-performance capabilities. They can shred more numbers of papers at once. Some shredders also shred papers of varying thickness, while others even shred ID cards, magnetic media, keytape, microfilm, credit cards, and memory sticks.


A disintegrator is a perfect solution for those who want a secure way to destroy documents or objects like banknotes, credit cards, floppy, CDs, DVDs, and even floppy disks and other kinds of media storage devices. Whether they are large or brittle, a disintegrator can crush them into bits. They are largely smooth to operate, mounted on a large pulley with toothed belts for optimal performance. There is a milling chamber, which is easy to clean and has a safety interlock. Some models are relatively noisier than other models. Depending on the purpose of using the disintegrator, users can buy specific models that meet their requirements.


Degaussing is a term used for the process of removing the data stored on hard disks in the form of a magnetic force. The process involves flooding the device with a very high magnetic field. Degaussers are a quiet and clean way to discard magnetic media. It uses pulse technology, has an easy feeding mechanism in the form of a drawer. No surrounding magnetic forces can influence the degaussing process within the machine's chamber.

Using these machines makes it easier and more convenient to handle secret documents and classified information. In fact, because these new methods of discarding sensitive information are quickly becoming very famous, numerous government and private organizations around the world have been adopting them. In schools, hospitals, banks, and government institutions, there are shredders, degaussers, and disintegrators. They are very affordable and easy to maintain, which makes investing in them a good decision in the long term.