For many years, intimus shredders have been the primary option for the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and many other US and international organizations that deal with classified and top-secret materials. We have some intimus paper shredders on the NSA Evaluated Products List that fulfill the Security Level 6/P-7 shredders standards. Only an industrial paper shredder like intimus 120cc3, intimus 70 rx shredder, intimus 130 cp4, intimus 175cc3  that meets these specifications can be used to destroy all secret documents, including those designated Secret and Top Secret.

intimus paper shredder should be part of your first line of defense against unintentional data breaches and document recovery if your firm handles and disposes of sensitive and classified material. Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, Communications Secure (COMSEC), Special Access Programs (SAP), and other classified papers are appropriate for shredding using intimus paper shredder of  Level 6/P-7.

We choose the intimus top shredders based on user reviews for the convenience of our customers.

#1 |Intimus 70Rx Cross-Cut Shredder

Many medical, business, and government agencies benefit from the intimus 70 rx shredder. At a pace of up to 27.6 feet per minute, this pharmacy shredder shreds 17-22 sheets every pass into 5/32" x 1-13/32" cross-cut particles (or 622 sheets per minute). The 70Rx has a vast 18.5 gallon (70 liters) catch basket that reduces the need for shred processes to be interrupted. It is effortless and convenient to use this shredder.

The New operators of intimus 70 rx shredder require a minimal amount of training. When the feed is ready to use, it flashes green, and the inserting paper initiates the shredding process automatically. When too many sheets are inserted, the feed slot glows yellow, and when the shred unit is overloaded, the feed slot glows red. The auto-reverse mechanism is used in the event of an overload to prevent harm.

  • Sheet Capacity: 17-22
  • Shred Speed: 27 ft/min
  • Feed Opening Size: 16"
  • Cut Type: Cross Cut 
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Bin Capacity: 18.5 Gallon

#2 |Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder:

Intimus 130 cp4  Cross-Cut Office Shredder can shred Documents, paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, and floppy discs with a P-4 security level, shredding 20-22 sheets of paper at a time to 5/32" x 1 27/64" -sized particles. Shred speed reaches 30 ft/min, and bin capacity reaches 34 gals.

intimus shredder has "i-control," "EcoLogic" energy-saving, and Dynamic Load Sensor ("DLS") capabilities, among other features. I-control acts as the machine's central control system, allowing the operator to issue orders and receive alerts from the machine's sensors regarding abnormalities and overloads. The interior temperature, waste volume, bin door, and jamming, among other things, are all monitored by I-control.

  • Sheet Capacity: 17-22 sheets 
  • Shred Speed: 27 ft/min
  • Feed Opening Size: 5/32" x 1-27/64"
  • Cut Type: Cross Cut 
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Bin Capacity: 34 Gallon

#3 | Intimus 120 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder:

Intimus 120cc3 cross-cut shredder can shred 25 sheets per minute at a pace of 27.6 feet per minute. It also includes a demanding design aspect and a 12.2" broad feed throat. It gives users a lot of freedom because they can shred paper up to A3 size with ease. Intimus 120 CC3 cross-cut shredder can effortlessly shred materials like floppy credit cards and optical disks. Everything that passes into the intimus120cc3 shredder is sliced into 5/32" x 1-13/32" cross-cut particles, making it a security level 3 (P-4) shredder.

The 120 CP4 has two specialized cutting heads, one for paper goods and all plastic media, enabling waste sorting and disposal. Despite the shredder's strong cutting power, the Silent sound dampening mechanism guarantees quiet operations. The shredder's apparent simplicity of use belies its comprehensive feature set, which includes numerous status indications, auto document feed and reversal, and automated light beam-triggered auto document feed and reversal.

  • Sheet Capacity: 21-25 sheets 
  • Shred Speed: 27.6 ft./min.
  • Feed Opening Size: 5/32 x 13/32"
  • Cut Type: Cross Cut
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Bin Capacity: 31.7 Gallons 

intimus paper shredder ensures that our customers and their data remain secure and uncompromised; these shredders are ideal for home and office use. With intimus shredder, documents are swiftly reduced to tiny strips or microscopic bits, making them nearly impossible to reassemble and decipher.

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