Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder

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pci PCI compliant meets security standard defined by Payment Card Industry Organization to prevent credit card fraud

HIPAA Compliant Shredder HIPPA Compliant for the destruction of Protected Health Information (PHI)

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100 CP4

Features: Intimus 100 CP4 Shredder

  • Efficient shredder for medium sized organizations
  • High throughput for quick shredding
  • Cross cut design ensures high security
  • Automatic activation via light barrier
  • Status indicators to keep user updated
  • EcoLogic feature guarantees optimal power consumption
  • Large waste bin for a cleaner workplace

Intimus 100 CP4: The Document Shredder Of Today!

Intimus 100 CP4 is one of the most innovative document shredders currently available in data disposal markets. Its technological features and superior shredding capabilities make it best for high-end offices. This cross cut shredder is installed with high quality components and is fitted with a powerful motor that makes it highly durable.

Intimus 100CP4, owing to these, is top of the class and is best suited for high-end organizations that settle for nothing less than the best.

Document Shredder With Demandable Specifications

Intimus 10 CP4 shredder can shred an amazing 20 sheets in a single pass, which is complemented by its quick shredding speed of 27.6 feet/min. A shredder with such abilities can conveniently handle the shredding jobs of more than 5 people at a time, making it suitable for busy offices.

Another facility CP4 has for a consumer is its extra wide 10.24” feed throat that accommodates a range of paper sizes easily. The intelligent and ergonomic design of this feed throat is an important feature of Intimus 100 CP4. Its placement allows paper to be fed comfortably in it and places less strain on the users’ muscles.

Moreover, being designed for offices that deal with materials other than paper, the shredding unit of Intimus 100 CP4 is engineered to handle objects like credit cards, staples, and paper clips as well. Intimus 100 CP4 is compliant with P-4 security rating since it converts everything to 5/32” x 1-13/32” cross cut particles that are indistinguishable from each other

This Shredder Features Advanced Technology For Ease Of Use

The 100 CP4 cross cut shredder has been built to make lives easier. The technological fixtures it features have all been included to make the whole shredding experience exceptional and better than others.

The feed and exit of this shredder are both equipped with light barriers that detect when material is passing through them. Intimus 100 CP4 cross cut shredder uses these light barriers to automatically start and stop itself when paper is fed into its throat and it leaves it as shreds. This feature removes the need to manually switch the motor on and off every time a shredding task comes up.

Illuminated indicators for basket full, door open, and paper jams are in place that informs users in time about the actions required for safe shredding. Furthermore, to minimize the efforts put in to clear jams 100 CP4 is programmed to automatically stop shredding as soon as a jam occurs.

Eco-Friendly Document Shredder For A Greener Environment

The EcoLogic function installed in it optimizes energy consumption to minimize energy losses. It utilizes the power-saving mode to guarantee that no energy is wasted due to the shredder being on when it is not in use.

In addition to this, Intimus 100 CP4 has a 26.4 gallons waste disposal compartment that is the perfect design feature for efficient waste management. It does not need to be emptied for long periods of time thanks to its huge capacity, and helps maintain a clean workplace.

Shredder Compliancy And Recommended Use

Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder works best in medium sized offices. The corporate sector and public institutions can benefit from its shredding abilities and ensure data security.

Basic Attributes
Product NameIntimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder
SKU100 CP4
Country of OriginGermany
Waste Bin typeMounted on Casters Waste Bin
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")35 x 19 x 17
Security Level3
DIN Security LevelP-4
Maximum Run Time (minutes)Not Given
Warranty2 Year Warranty on All Parts, 90 Days Labor, Lifetime Limited Warranty on Cylinders
Bin Capacity (gallons)26.4
Value Added FeaturesAuto Start/Stop, Capacity Indicator, Dust Proof Enclosure, Ecologic, Silentec
Can ShredCredit Cards, Paper, Paper Clips, Staples
MPN Number224154
CategoryOffice Shredder
Cut TypeCross Cut
Cut Size (inches)5/32 x 1-13/32
Sheet Capacity16-20
Shred Speed (ft./min.)27.6
Feed Opening (inches)10.24
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100 CP4

Shred size (mm)

3.8 x 36

Catchbasket volume (l)


Number of users


Security level DIN 66 399

P-4 / F-1 / O-3 / T-4+

Shredding capacity sheets 70 g/m2


Shredding capacity sheets 80 g/m2


Cutting speed m/s


Throughput sheets/min 70 g/m2


Throughput sheets/min 80 g/m2


Q. Does Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder have a standby mode?

A. Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder has an Ecologic function, which minimizes energy consumption when not in use.


Q. Is there a warning system for jamming?

A. Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder has an illuminated indicator that informs about paper jam.


Q. What happens when jamming occurs?

A. The Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder stops shredding when paper jams occur


Q. Can Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder shred paper clips and staple?

A. Yes, Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder can shred paper clips and staples easily.


Q. What is the security level of Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder?

A. Intimus 100 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder has a P-4 security rating.

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