Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder

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pci PCI compliant meets security standard defined by Payment Card Industry Organization to prevent credit card fraud

HIPAA Compliant Shredder HIPPA Compliant for the destruction of Protected Health Information (PHI)

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Features: Intimus 130 CP4 Shredder for Medium Sized Organizations

  • Efficient shredder for medium sized organizations
  • High throughput for quick shredding
  • Cross cut design ensures high security
  • Automatic activation via light barrier
  • Status indicators to keep user updated
  • EcoLogic feature guarantees optimal power consumption
  • Large waste bin for a cleaner workplace

Intimus 130 CP4: The Ideal Shredder For Big Departments

Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder is undoubtedly a highly functional document shredding solution that is ideal for large office departments. Its feature-packed body and specifications give it the ability to handle more than 10 users at a time.

With such capability, Intimus 130CP4 serves a great purpose in every high-end office department by catering to several people at once. Not only does this mean that only one shredder is required but it also makes data disposal much efficient.

Remarkable Specifications of 130CP4

Intimus 130 CP4 has a shredding capacity of 22 sheets of paper and shreds documents at a speed of 27.6 feet/min. Its feed unit has a 16” wide throat, which is a huge facility for professionals like marketers, engineers, and architects since it accommodates paper sizes up to A3.

This amazing facility of the CP4 holds much meaning for those professionals who work with large paper sizes. Their documentation can conveniently be accommodated in this throat without having to fold them, which is timesaving.

Moreover, this throat is designed in a way that it places minimal stress on the operators’ muscles, leading to comfortable operation and the ability to shred documents with the Intimus 130 CP4 for hours.

Intimus 130 CP4 is equipped with a robust cutting unit that can shred through data carriers like credits cards, staples, and paper clips. It is thus best suited for those organizations where there is demand for multiple applications.

Secure Document Shredding Solution

Intimus 130 CP4 cross cut shredder converts all documentation to 5/32” x 1 13/32” cross cut particles, qualifying it for P-4 security standard. This minute shred size renders all data irrecoverable as the shreds are virtually impossible to distinguish from each other.

Intuitive Shredder For A Better Experience

Intimus 130 CP4 features technologies that make it easy to use. To minimize the number of jams occurring it is integrated with Dynamic Load Sensor. This feature keeps users updated regarding the load subjected to the feed; in the case of overloading operators can respond in a timely manner and avoid jams. It is also useful in the sense that it lets users know the exact point up to which they can load the shredding unit. This way they can fully utilize the power being supplied by this cross cut shredder without jamming it.

The auto reverse function of Intimus 130CP4 is an important element since it automatically clears jams from the cutting unit without wasting time.

Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder features i-control that gives operators a user friendly platform to pass commands to it. For a seamless shredding experience, it has illuminated indicators for standby, bin full, door open, and paper jam. These indicators keep operators informed of the shredder’s status, helping them avoid issues and tackling them in the best possible way.

The EcoLogic function makes it eco-friendly by ensuring optimal power consumption. Furthermore, its design includes a dust-sealed wooden cabinet for collecting waste shreds. This 34.3 gallon compartment is perfect for office departments and is easy to remove and empty.

Shredder Compliancy And Recommended Use

Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder works best in medium sized offices. The corporate sector and public institutions can benefit from its shredding abilities and ensure data security.

Basic Attributes
Cut TypeCross Cut
Sheet Capacity17-22
Shred Speed (ft./min.)27
Security Level3
Feed Opening (inches)16
Bin Capacity (gallons)34.3
Cut Size (inches)5/32 x 1-13/32
Country of OriginGermany
Waste Bin typeMounted on Casters Waste Bin
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")40 x 26 x 17
DIN Security LevelP-4
Maximum Run Time (minutes)Not Given
Warranty2 Year Warranty on All Parts, 90 Days Labor, Lifetime Limited Warranty on Cylinders
Value Added FeaturesAuto Reverse, Capacity Indicator, DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor), Dust Proof Enclosure, Ecologic, i-Control
Can ShredCredit Cards, Paper, Paper Clips, Staples
MPN Number225154
CategoryDepartment Shredder
Product NameIntimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder
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130 CP4

Shred size (mm)

3.8 x 36

Catchbasket volume (l)


Number of users


Security level DIN 66 399

P-4 / F-1 / O-3 / T-4+

Shredding capacity sheets 70 g/m2


Shredding capacity sheets 80 g/m2


Cutting speed m/s


Throughput sheets/min 70 g/m2


Throughput sheets/min 80 g/m2


Q. What is the security level of Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder?

A. Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder has a security rating of P-4.


Q. Does Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder have a standby mode?

A. Yes, Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder comes with a standby mode provision to minimize power consumption.


Q. What happens when jamming occurs?

A. When jamming occurs, the rollers automatically reverse their direction to remove the issue.


Q. Do I get any warranty from the manufacturers?

A. Yes, Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder comes with a warranty of two years on all parts.


Q. Do I have to remove metallic parts in my documents?

A. No, Intimus 130 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder can easily shred paper clips and staples.


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