Intimus 14.87 (5.8) Shredder Baler Combination

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14.87 (5.8)
  • Sheet capacity: 130-140
  • Shred Speed: 55 Feet/min
  • Category: Industrial
  • Feed Opening Size: 19.75”
  • Cut Type & Size: Strip Cut, ¼”
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Can Shred: Paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks
  • Maximum Run Time:
  • Bin Capacity: N/A

Intimus 14.87 (5.8) shredder baler combination is an ideal medium for high-volume disposal of disused data. It is a multi-purpose machine, so it not only shreds, but also compresses the shredded material and ejects it in the form of bales, which reduces the volume of the shredded material by up to 70 percent. With a cutting speed of 55 feet-per-minute and a capacity of 130-140 sheets, it offers rapid processing of the discarded material. A feed opening of 17” ensures that this heavy duty shredder baler is able to dispose all commonly used sizes of paper. Along with paper, the shredder can also process hard objects like CDs, credit cards, and paper clips. With its conveyer belt feed system, easy to understand controls, and an almost completely automatic functioning from start to end, it offers the utmost convenience to the user. Another aspect which enhances its user-friendliness is the indication of the different states of the machine through signals. There are easy to see lights which signal power ON, paper jam, and the opening of the bin door. A beep is also emitted at the completion of a bale, which is ejected at the pressing of a button. This machine also has several attributes which ensure the user’s safety: there are two manual power switches, one being the locking master control which turns the device on and off, while the other being the off/forward/reverse control. The off switch is automatically activated if the baler is full and/or if the bin door is opened. Being able to cater for a large amount of disposable material at a time and being user friendly at the same time, the Intimus strip cut shredder baler combination is a must buy for accommodating the heavy duty shredding needs of any industry.

Basic Attributes
Product NameIntimus 14.87 (5.8) Shredder Baler Combination
SKU14.87 (5.8)
Country of OriginGermany
Waste Bin typeMounted on Casters Waste Bin
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")64 1/2 x 105 1/2 - 128 x 31
Security Level2
DIN Security LevelP-2
Warranty1 Year Warranty on All Parts, 90 Days Labor, 3 Year on Cutting Cylinders
Value Added FeaturesBin Full Indicator, Safety Feature
Can ShredCD/DVDs, Credit Cards, Floppy Disks, Paper, Paper Clips, Staples
CategoryDepartment Shredder, High Capacity Shredder, Industrial Shredder, Shredder/Baler Combination
Cut TypeStrip Cut
Cut Size (inches)15/64
Sheet Capacity130-140
Shred Speed (ft./min.)55
Feed Opening (inches)20
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Security level DIN 66 399

P-1 / O-2 / T-2+ / E-2

Shredding capacity sheets 70 g/m2


Shredding capacity sheets 80 g/m2


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