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  • Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50)
  • Intimus cross cut shredder baler combination Intimus cross cut shredder baler combination
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Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Shredder Baler Combination

Quick Overview

pci PCI compliant meets security standard defined by Payment Card Industry Organization to prevent credit card fraud

HIPAA Compliant Shredder HIPPA Compliant for the destruction of Protected Health Information (PHI)


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Features: Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Cross Cut Shredder Baler Combination

  • Shredder Baler Combination for an efficient waste disposal system
  • Conveyor belt feed ensuring quick operations
  • Baling unit with up to 70 percent compression ratio
  • Reversing function to save time and avoid jams
  • Sheet capacity: 130-140
  • Shred Speed: 59 ft/min
  • Category: Department Shredder, Industrial Shredder
  • Feed Opening Size: 20”
  • Cut Type & Size: Cross-Cut, 15/64" x 1 31/32"
  • Security Level: P-3
  • Can Shred: CD's/DVD's, Credit Cards, Floppy Disks, Paper, Paper Clips, Staples

Intimus 14.87: The Perfect Shredder for Your Office

Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) is a premium quality paper shredder and an essential tool for safely discarding confidential data material of a business. Present day organizations have to be extremely careful to keep their official data from reaching the wrong hands and when it comes to the disposal of unwanted information, the risk further increases. With the Intimus cross cut shredder baler combination, you can safely get rid of your data sources as it can reduce objects like CD's/DVD's, credit cards, floppy disks, paper, etc, to tiny bits which can be abandoned without any worries.

Rapid Operation via a Sophisticated Mechanism

Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) features a large feed opening of 17” through which a large amount of material can be passed at a time. The feed table has an integrated conveyer belt mechanism, which makes the operation effortless for the user, and ensures that even crumpled paper goes through to the cutters with ease. With the speed of the wear-resistant cutting rollers reaching as high as 59 ft/min, the shredding takes little time. This swift mechanism is backed by a phenomenal cutting capacity, with the cutters able to handle up to 140 sheets. The shredder comes with a security rating of P-3, and can cross-cut material to tiny bits of 15/64" x 1 31/32", making it impossible for any sort of information to be retrieved from the shreds.

Intimus 14.87 Baler Compacts the Shredded Material

To further ease the data disposal, this shredder comes with an option to be attached to a baler, which has the ability to compress all the shredded bits in the form of bales. Once shredded, the bits are passed to the baler. This process reduces the shredded volume by about 70 percent, and while the baler is in process, the shredder efficiently continues its operation, which saves the user’s time and money. Another advantage of the compression of shreds is that the bales can be further recycled for future use.

More User-Friendly Features Supported by Intimus 14.87

Intimus cross cut shredder baler combination has been designed keeping in view the user’s comfort and safety. Besides the features mentioned above, there is a series of other aspects which ensure the input of much less effort by the operator. This heavy duty shredder baler comes with a master switch for power followed by off, forward, and reverse switches for the type of operation required. The reverse button can be pressed in the case of blockage in the blades, which will cause the material to be pulled back out to the feed throat by reverse movement of the cutting rollers. The off switch is automatically activated when the flap between shredder and baler is opened or when the bale is completed and ready to be ejected. The machine also displays a visual signal once a bale is completed, after which the bale can be ejected through the “push” button.

A Must Buy for Official Data Protection

As a whole, the Intimus cross cut shredder baler combination offers the ultimate mechanism to get rid of unwanted data material safely while maintaining its confidentiality, and is the perfect solution to overcome the problem of data theft.

Additional Information

NameIntimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Shredder Baler Combination
SKU14.87 (6 x 50)
MPN Number699924 + 475904
Weight (lbs.)2145.0000
EAN NumberN/A
CategoryDepartment Shredder, High Capacity Shredder, Industrial Shredder, Shredder/Baler Combination
Cut TypeCross Cut
Cut Size (inches)15/64 x 1 31/32
Sheet Capacity130-140
Shred Speed (ft./min.)59
Feed Opening (inches)20
Security Level2
DIN Security LevelP-2
Maximum Run Time (minutes)Continuous
Can ShredCD's/DVD's, Credit Cards, Floppy Disks, Paper, Paper Clips, Staples
Value Added FeaturesBin Full Indicator, Safety Feature
Bin Capacity (gallons)53
Waste Bin typeMounted on Casters Waste Bin
Country of OriginGermany
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")64 1/2 x 105 1/2 - 128 x 31
Warranty1 Year Warranty on All Parts, 90 Days Labor, 3 Year on Cutting Cylinders

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  1. Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Shredder Baler Combination review by Product Expert on 1/17/2018

    Intimus 14.87 Shredder Baler Combination is one of the most used machines in our dynamic office. Since we bought it, there really has not been a time that we were not thankful that we had this ultimate shredder instead of a normal one.

    The best thing about Intimus 14.87 is surely its dual functionality. We have to dispose of large volumes of waste each day and having the facility of simultaneous shredding and baling really boosts our productivity. Our workers can easily shred enough material for a bale as the previous batch is being compressed into a bale.

    Moreover, Intimus 14.87 is also suited to our heavy duty work thanks to the conveyor belt. It is rough, durable, and absolutely remarkable, allowing our employees to continuously feed material to it and not stop on the way.

    Our experience with the Intimus 14.87 Shredder Baler Combination leads us to highly recommend it to others that have heavy duty demands and need an efficient data disposal solution.

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Shred size (mm)

6 x 50

Number of users


Security level DIN 66 399

P-3 / O-2 / T-3+ / E-2

Shredding capacity sheets 70 g/m2


Shredding capacity sheets 80 g/m2


Cutting speed m/s


Throughput kg/h


Q. Do I have to arrange my documents before inserting them in Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Shredder Baler Combination?

A. Not necessarily, the shredder can accept smooth as well as crumpled papers.


Q. Is the noise level bearable for an average workplace?

A. Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Shredder Baler Combination has a maximum noise level of 68 db which is considered absolutely safe for human ears.


Q. Can shredding and bailing be done at the same time?

 A. Yes, Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Shredder Baler Combination has the ability to do multitasking and shredding and bailing operations are done simultaneously.


Q. Is there any chance of the bale over flowing from the machine?

A. Not at all, the off switch is activated automatically once the bale is ready to be ejected.


Q. What is the shipping cost of Intimus 14.87 (6 x 50) Shredder Baler Combination?

A. The shipping is totally free of cost.



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