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  • Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55)
  • Intimus cross cut shredder baler combination Intimus cross cut shredder baler combination
  • Intimus 16.86 shredder baler combination Intimus 16.86 shredder baler combination
  • heavy duty shredder baler heavy duty shredder baler

Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) Shredder Baler Combination

Quick Overview

pci PCI compliant meets security standard defined by Payment Card Industry Organization to prevent credit card fraud

HIPAA Compliant Shredder HIPPA Compliant for the destruction of Protected Health Information (PHI)


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Features: Intimus 16.86 Cross Cut Industrial Shredder Baler Combination

  • High capacity industrial shredder baler combination
  • High throughput capacity for better performance
  • Microprocess control unit for errorless operations
  • Baling unit with up to 70 percent compression
  • Sheet capacity: 400-550
  • Shred Speed: 47 Feet/min
  • Category: Industrial
  • Working Width: 50+ persons
  • Cut Type & Size: Cross Cut, 0.46" x 2.18"
  • Security Level: P-2
  • Can Shred: Paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, files

Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55): The Most Comprehensive Data Disposal Solution

Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) is a standout development in the field of heavy duty machines because it not only disposes a large amount of data material at a time, but also reduces its volume by compressing it into a bale.

The versatile Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) Shredder Baler Combination offers a highly versatile and comprehensive service which makes it best suited to large industries. The multipurpose application of this heavy duty shredder baler means that it can also serve as a central shredding unit that caters to the needs of all kinds of data disposal jobs from everyone, which is exactly what is required in high-end organizations.

Intimus 16.86 Specifications For Efficient Shredding

With a shredding capacity of 550 sheets per hour, Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) is designed specifically to fulfill high performance requirements. These specifications are an immense facility to users. With a feed throat this wide, there is no need to fold paper sheets or break down any components so they fit into the intake, it can accommodate anything without any hassle. The sheet capacity boasted by this heavy duty shredder baler is equally remarkable, allowing users to destroy full reams per pass.

Equipped With An Impressive Shredding Unit

Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) is equipped with an impressive shredding unit. All material is pulled in by a conveyer belt, which takes it to the cutting rollers. This facility is great since operators do not have to expend much time and effort in feeding documents to the paper shredder, they simply need to pile them up on the conveyor belt.

The cutters fitted in Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) can shred a variety of material, like paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, and all kinds of files (rings included).

Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) has a security rating of P-2 and can cross-cut each individual feed to small chips of sizes 0.46" x 2.18". This level of security is ideal for low security applications, protecting data against theft and espionage.

With the cutting speed reaching as high as 47 ft/min, Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) has cutting rollers that provide rapid action. The cutters of this heavy duty shredder are connected to a motor, which, depending on its condition can be automatically stopped or reversed by a microprocessor which monitors the temperature and the amount of material being shredded at a time.

This property of Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) makes its cutters durable and also provides convenience to the operator.

Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55): Utilitarian Baler Solution

The shreds produced by Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) are transferred from the shredder to the baler, which begins their compression into compact bales, thus reducing their volume by up to 70 percent. As a bale completes, an alarm goes off and the shredding process halts until the bale is ejected by the user. As a whole, the Intimus cross cut shredder baler combination is a perfect buy for heavy duty purposes as it not only shreds a huge amount of material in one go, but also reduces the volume of the waste before ejecting it.

Shredder Compliancy And Recommended Use

Intimus 16.86 Shredder Baler Combination is highly compliant with industries related to the corporate, government, and recycling sectors. It is also an ideal installation in educational organizations and hospitals, both of which require quick shredder baler combinations.

Additional Information

NameIntimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) Shredder Baler Combination
SKU16.86 (11.8 x 55)
MPN Number656944
Weight (lbs.)2769.0000
EAN NumberN/A
CategoryDepartment Shredder, High Capacity Shredder, Industrial Shredder, Shredder/Baler Combination
Cut TypeCross Cut
Cut Size (inches)0.46 x 2.18
Sheet Capacity400-550
Shred Speed (ft./min.)47
Feed Opening (inches)Not Given
Security Level2
DIN Security LevelP-2
Maximum Run Time (minutes)Continuous
Can ShredBound Files, CD's/DVD's, Credit Cards, Floppy Disks, Paper, Paper Clips, Staples
Value Added FeaturesEmergency Stop Bar, Touch Screen Control Panel
Bin Capacity (gallons)50+
Waste Bin typeMounted on Casters Waste Bin
Country of OriginGermany
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")61 x 111 - 135 x 47
Warranty1 Year Warranty on All Parts, 90 Days Labor, 3 Year on Cutting Cylinders

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  1. Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) Shredder Baler Combination review by Product Expert on 1/17/2018

    Intimus Shedder Baler Combination has come across as a very useful platform for performing our shredding and disposing of used data materials. This heavy duty shredder baler has proved to be a smart investment which reminds us daily that procuring this machine was a successful decision.

    It has made a mark in our workplace primarily due its dual functionality. Not only our workers are able to shred large quantities of material at a steady pace, they don’t have to worry about disposing off the shredded byproduct as Intimus 16.86 automatically bales the shreds in stacks through the baler. These stacks are easily handled and managed by our workers.

    The privacy aspect has also been taken care of effectively and we don’t have to worry about sensitive information being recovered as the cross shreds are very fine are essentially inseparable. Overall, Intimus 16.86 has proved to be a fruitful return of our investment and is highly recommended for users who require quality and clean shredding.

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Shred size (mm)

11.8 x 55

Number of users


Security level DIN 66 399

P-2 / O-2 / T-2+ / E-2

Shredding capacity sheets 70 g/m2


Shredding capacity sheets 80 g/m2


Cutting speed m/s


Throughput kg/h


Q. Are the cutting cylinders in Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) Shredder Baler Combination covered in warranty?

A. Yes, cutting cylinders come with a warranty of 3 years.


Q. Doesn’t shredding and then bailing consume more time in the process?

A. Not at all, shredding and bailing are done simultaneously to save the user’s time.


Q. Will I know whether is the bale is ready or not?

A. When the bale is ready, an alarm goes off until the user ejects the bale.


Q. What will happen if jamming occurs?

A. In instance of jamming, the rollers reverse their direction and the issue is solved.


Q. Will I be provided with after sale services like repair?

A. Yes, Intimus 16.86 (11.8 x 55) Shredder Baler Combination comes with a 1 year warranty on all parts and 90 days labor.

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