Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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Features: Intimus 20CC3 Paper Shredder

  • High throughput capacity for effortless shredding
  • Can shred paper sizes up to A4
  • Decent security level offers exceptional data safety
  • Intuitive controls and helpful indicators for a great expereince
  • Sheet capacity: 6-8
  • Shred Speed: 7.8 Feet/min
  • Category: Small Office
  • Feed Opening Size: 9”
  • Cut Type & Size: Cross Cut, 5/32" x 1-1/8"
  • Security Level: P-4
  • Can Shred: Paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards
  • Maximum Run Time:
  • Bin Capacity: 5 Gallons

 Intimus 20 CC: The Best Office Shredder!

Intimus 20CC3 Cross Cut Paper Shredder is certainly the leading paper shredding solution data disposal markets have to offer. It offers users a unique combination of stellar shredding abilities, state of the art technologies, and intuitiveness. This intimus cross cut paper shredder is certainly ideal for modern offices where multiple people need to use it at the same time with varying applications.

Specifications Best-Suited For Paper Shredding

The specifications of Intimus 20CC make it perfect as an office shredder best suited for small to medium scale applications. This cross cut paper shredder sports a sheet capacity of 8 sheets and speed of 7.8 feet/min. With such capability, it is capable of maintaining an impressive throughput capacity that is unparalleled by its counterpart office shredders.

Intimus 20CC: Powerful Cross Cut Shredding Unit

In its heart lies the durable and sturdy shredding unit that makes it the best among the lot. With its amazing fixtures and well-engineered cutting unit, Intimus 20 CC3 is the perfect shredder for those who face consistent shredding demand and heavy workloads.

The Intimus 20CC is manufactured with care for optimal performance. It can effortlessly handle materials like credit cards, staples, and paper clips besides paper. This facility means that users can simply drop in their documentation as it is, without worrying that staples or paper clips might damage the internal machinery.

To make this process convenient for its users, this office shredder features a 9” wide feed throat. With its width, it can shred paper sizes as large as A4, which is the size used for most documentation of official nature. The feed opening of Intimus 20CC3 cross cut paper shredder is designed to make feeding paper into it comfortable for users, with ergonomics and aesthetics in mind.

Intimus 20CC3 Compliant With (P-4) Security Standards

Meant for secure paper shredding, this cross cut paper shredder has been designed to obliterate everything to incredibly tiny 5/32" x 1-1/8" cross cut particles, making it compliant with P-4 security standard.

This security level is adequate for any normal office that has sensitive documentation to deal with. The minute cross cut shreds Intimus 20 CC3 produces would make absolutely no sense to a data thief, which is exactly why a shredder is bought.

User Friendly Office Shredder

Intimus has built itself a reputation for making products that are easy to use. The Intimus 20CC3 is no exception to this and gives a tough time to its competition when it comes to intuitive controls and user-friendly features.

The Intimus 20CC3 cross cut paper shredder is installed with a light barrier that controls on/off functions. When consistent paper shredding is done, there is no time for anyone to manually turn the shredder on/off, and this automatic activation is a huge facility to all such users.

Additionally, Intimus 20CC3 incorporates auto reverse function that is immensely useful when paper jams occur. As soon as the shredder detects a jam, this function reverses the motor’s direction and clears the jam within seconds. These automatic features of Intimus 20CC3 cross cut paper shredder minimize manual intervention required from operators and make their jobs easier.

Moreover, a removable 5.2 gallons catch basket is also part of the design to make waste disposal manageable. It keeps you away from the hassle of frequent emptying of the waste bin, accommodating a decent amount of waste shreds.

Shredder Compliancy And Recommended Use

Intimus 20CC3 Cross Cut Shredder is the most suited for small offices. The corporate sector can benefit from it by shredding their important documentation, while the public sector can also use it to ensure data security of their sensitive documentation.

Basic Attributes
Product NameIntimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
Country of OriginGermany
Waste Bin typeRemovable Waste Bin
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")19 x 14 x 11
Security Level3
DIN Security LevelP-4
Maximum Run Time (minutes)No Continuous Duty
Warranty2 Year Warranty on All Parts, 90 Days Labor, Lifetime Limited Warranty on Cylinders
Bin Capacity (gallons)5.28
Value Added FeaturesAuto Reverse, Auto Start/Stop, Silentec
Can ShredCredit Cards, Paper, Paper Clips, Staples
CategoryOffice Shredder
Cut TypeCross Cut
Cut Size (inches)5/32 x 1-1/8
Sheet Capacity6-8
Shred Speed (ft./min.)7.8
Feed Opening (inches)8-11.9
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20 CC3

Shred size (mm)

4 x 28

Catchbasket volume (l)


Number of users


Security level DIN 66 399

P-7 / F-1

Shredding capacity sheets 70 g/m2


Shredding capacity sheets 80 g/m2


Cutting speed m/s


Throughput sheets/min 70 g/m2


Throughput sheets/min 80 g/m2


Q. What is the security level of the Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder?

A. The security level of Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder is P-2.


Q. How many sheets can Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder shred at a time?

A. Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder can shred upto 8 sheets at a time.


Q. Do I have to regularly clean the waste bin of my Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder?

A. No, Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder has a waste bin capacity of 5.2 gallons so that you do not have to regularly clean the waste bin.


Q. What are the cutting capabilities of Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder?

A. Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder can easily shred paper, paper clips, staples and credit cards.


Q. Do I have to remove the paper clips and staples while using Intimus 20 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder?

A. No, the shredder can easily handle these items.

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