Intimus 20000 Degausser for Hard Drive Data Removal

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DOD compliant shredder Meets security demand of the Department of Defence, NATO, and other government, military, and commercial organizations worldwide

ISO Compliant Shredder Meets standard of ISO certification for quality management and customer satisfaction

NIST compliant shredder NIST Compliant to assist implementation of Federal Information Security management Act (FISM)

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Features Intimus 20000 Degausser

  • Hard drive degausser for secure disposal of redundant hard drives
  • NATO and NSA enlisted
  • Has a compact design
  • Has magnetic shield to protect the environment against magnetic flux
  • Erasing time of just 45 seconds

Intimus 20000 Hard Drive Degausser: The Ultimate Hard Drive Disposal Solution

Data security is a big concern for many high end organizations today that work with sensitive data that they cannot afford to lose to someone else. The main challenge the modern data security industry faces is that there is a multitude of different categories of data storage media being used by people, each of which has its own nature and requires its own disposal system.

Hard drives are one medium that has not received much attention from the industry. Intimus however has developed an innovative product that caters to this segment of its market. The Inimtus 20000 Hard Drive Degausser is the ultimate HDD disposal solution for firms that do not want their HDDs to be in the wrong hands after they become redundant.

The Initmus 20000 Degausser, enlisted by NATO and NSA, uses magnetism to remove all data traces from the hard drive, providing high security.

Intimus 20000 Comes With Modern Technologies

Hard drives work by storing data in a series of discs in the form of a tiny magnetic field, which is read by computers. Intimus 20000 Hard Drive Degausser uses its Single Pass Pulse Technology to completely remove any signs of such tiny magnetic fields on the discs by exposing them to a relatively stronger magnetic field of 2.0 Tesla.

Intimus 20000 Degausser, integrating state of the art technology, has a quick operation cycle of just 45 seconds, which is all it takes for your data stored away in HDDs to be safe.

Intimus 20000 Degausser Is Remarkably User-Friendly

Intimus 20000 is designed to be simple and user friendly. It is compact enough to fit in any office room comfortably and its controls are intuitive enough to be used by anyone.

Intimus 20000 sports a drawer style feed unit which makes it very easy to use. All operators have to do is to place their HDDs in its drawer and degauss it.

Moreover, another great benefit of a degausser is that it produces to waste at all. The only output of the whole process is the hard drive itself, which can be thrown away in the garbage.

Intimus 20000 Degausser produces a very strong magnetic field that can affect other devices in its surrounding. Hence, it comes equipped with a magnetic shield as well which protects such devices from the magnetic flux inside.

An intuitive control panel and display unit is also a part of the Intimus 20000 design so users can operate it easily and do not have to spend much time understanding its functionality.

Intimus 20000 Hard Drive Degausser is certainly the best product for you if you are looking for a top of the class HDD disposal solution.

Basic Attributes
Product NameIntimus 20000 Degausser for Hard Drive Data Removal
Power RequirementNot Given
Degausser Magnetic Field20,000 Oe / 2.0 Tesla
Erasing Area (H" x W" x D")1.5 x 6 x 4.3
Feed Opening (inches)Not Given
Degaussing Cycle Time (sec)45
Degausser SystemCapacitive Discharge
Country of OriginGermany
CategoryHard Drive Degausser
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")18.8 x 21.6 x 17.3
Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor warranty
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149 x 109 x 38

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