Intimus 9000 Degausser for Hard Drive Shredder

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ISO Compliant Shredder Meets standard of ISO certification for quality management and customer satisfaction

HIPAA Compliant Shredder HIPPA Compliant for the destruction of Protected Health Information (PHI)

NIST compliant shredder NIST Compliant to assist implementation of Federal Information Security management Act (FISM)

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Features Intimus 9000 Degausser

  • Hard drive degausser for secure disposal of redundant hard drives
  • NATO and NSM enlisted
  • Has a compact design
  • Has magnetic shield to protect the environment against magnetic flux
  • Erasing time of just 12 seconds

Intimus 9000 Hard Drive Degausser: The Best Solution For Disposing Of Hard Drives

A major portion of our information is stored in hard drives owing to their superior storage abilities and durability. However, like every data storage medium hard drives are not safe from individual like data thieves and spies. Your data is always at risk of getting in the hands of these people and you need to take adequate measures to ensure its security.

Intimus has been developing data disposal products that guarantee data security to innumerable organizations. It has released its Inimtus 9000 Hard Drive Degausser for hard drive users.

The Initmus 9000 Degausser, enlisted by NATO and NSM, provides an excellent data security service by removing all traces of data on magnetic storage devices.

Intimus 9000 Is Equipped With Modern Technologies

Intimus 9000 Hard Drive Degausser works on the same principle on which hard drives are designed. To erase data stored in their disks, it exposes them to a strong magnetic field of 0.93 Tesla. It uses the Single Pass Pulse Technology for better performance and higher data security.

Thanks to this technology, Intimus 9000 Degausser has a short operating cycle of just 12 seconds, which is immensely time saving and helps users when there are a lot of hard drives to degauss.

Intimus 9000 Degausser Sports A Great Design

The compact and minimalist design of Intimus 9000 is one of its great qualities. It can be kept on any desk or corner where it is accessible by everyone easily.

Intimus 9000 is phenomenal when several HDDs need to be degaussed. They can be conveniently slid into it one after another or batch mode can be enabled to help in the process.

One of the best things about degausser is that the only waste product they produce is the hard drive itself. There is no need for some extensive disposal system to be in place, which is a plus in terms of space-saving.

Intimus 9000 Degausser has a magnetic shield in place which protects surrounding devices against the intense magnetic flux which is generated inside its degaussing chamber.

For user friendliness, Intimus 9000 has a display panel which shows all the necessary data required by operators.

Intimus 9000 Hard Drive Degausser is the most suitable device for all modern users who use hard drives and need effective data security.

Basic Attributes
Product NameIntimus 9000 Degausser for Hard Drive Shredder
Power RequirementNot Given
Degausser Magnetic Field9,300 Oe / .93 Tesla
Erasing Area (H" x W" x D")1.5 x 6 x 4.3
Feed Opening (inches)Not Given
Degaussing Cycle Time (sec)12
Degausser SystemCapacitive Discharge
Country of OriginGermany
CategoryHard Drive Degausser
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")18.9 x 12.2 x 13
Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor warranty
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Media size / erasing area size (mm)

149 x 109 x 38

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