Intimus: A Global Leader in Secure Shredding Solutions

Intimus is a global leader in document and media shredding solutions, with a rich heritage of German engineering excellence dating back to 1956. Focused on serving various industry needs, Intimus has a diverse product line to meet the requirements of the Healthcare, Education, Corporate, and Government sectors. Our comprehensive range of shredders meet the most demanding security needs, for businesses of all sizes, from personal home office models to high-volume industrial machines.

A Legacy of Innovation in Secure Data Destruction

Founded as Schleicher, the Intimus brand launched with the introduction of the Intimus Simplex, their first office shredder. Since then, Intimus has consistently revolutionized the information security market with a relentless pursuit of innovation. This dedication is evident in key milestones:

1985: Pioneering cross-cutting technology for paper shredders, a significant advancement in document destruction security.

1990: Expanding their solutions with the introduction of the first industrial and media shredding solutions.

2016: Bringing innovation to the forefront, Intimus launched FlashEx, the first electronic media shredding system specifically designed for the office environment.

Why Choose Intimus Shredders?

Certified Security: For the highest level of security, all Intimus P-7 shredders meet the strictest NSA and DIN 66399 standards for ultimate data protection. Additionally, Intimus offers models specifically designed to comply with HIPAA and GDPR regulations for secure disposal of sensitive medical and personal information.

German Engineering Excellence: Built with the finest materials and rigorous testing standards, Intimus shredders are renowned for their exceptional German engineering, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance. They can handle even the most demanding shredding tasks with ease, offering long-lasting performance you can depend on.

A Comprehensive Portfolio for Every Security Need: Intimus offers a vast portfolio of solutions to address any data destruction requirement.

  • Paper Destruction: Choose from powerful document shredders for home/office use, industrial-grade systems for high-volume needs, at various security levels.
  • Media Destruction: Intimus offers industrial solutions for media destruction alongside specialized office shredders for secure electronic media disposal.
  • Cardboard Recycling: Intimus' cardboard recyclers offer a sustainable solution for processing cardboard into packaging material.
  • Degaussing & Crushing: Intimus also provides degaussers for securely erasing sensitive data on magnetic tapes and crushers for physically destroying data carriers.

Clary Business Machines: Your Authorized Intimus Reseller

As an authorized Intimus reseller in the United States, Clary Business Machines shares Intimus' commitment to providing exceptional service and high-quality shredding solutions. With our extensive selection of Intimus products and knowledgeable team, we can help you find the perfect solution to meet your specific security requirements.

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