Level Up Your Data Security: Particle Sizes According To DIN 66399

In today's digital age, protecting sensitive data is more important than ever. Throwing away documents or data storage devices isn't enough – a simple tear or a peek in the trash could expose confidential information. The DIN 66399 standard (ISO/IEC 21964) defines 7 security levels for shredding classified information. The higher the security level, the finer the particle size, making reconstruction virtually impossible.

Security Level P-1

After destruction, the data can be reproduced without special devices but with special time expenditure.

Security Level P-2

After destruction, the data can only be reproduced with special devices and special effort.

Security Level P-3

After destruction, the data can only be reproduced with considerable effort (people/ special recovery devices/time).

Security Level P-4

After destruction, the data can only be reproduced with exceptionally high effort (people/ special recovery devices/time).

Security Level P-5

After destruction, the data can only be reproduced with the use of non-commercial equipment or special constructions as well as forensic methods.

Security Level P-6

After destruction, the data is impossible to reproduce according to the state of the art in technology.

Security Level P-7

After destruction, the data is impossible to reproduce according to the state of the art in science and technology

Need a more detailed comparison? View our Intimus Particle Sample Book to see actual particle sizes for each security level (P-2 to P-7). This visual guide helps you understand the significant difference in particle sizes and which security levels the products in our portfolio meet.

Download Particle Sample Book

Choose Your Intimus Shredder's Security Level

Intimus shredders go beyond basic destruction, offering various security levels (P-2 to P-7) to ensure your confidential data is truly unrecoverable. Find the perfect Intimus shredder to match your security needs and cut type, keeping your confidential information safe!

Security Levels FAQs

The DIN level for a shredder refers to its security level based on standards set by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), the German Institute for Standardization. This classification helps determine how finely a shredder cuts paper, and thus, how secure the shredding process is. Intimus shredders clearly indicate their P-level and corresponding DIN level, making it easy to understand their security capabilities.

Cross Cut: Shreds paper into small particles by slicing the paper both horizontally and vertically. These are much more secure than strip-cut shredders, but less secure than micro-cut shredders.

Micro Cut: Ideal for highly sensitive information. Micro-cut shredders produce much finer particles than cross-cut. This significantly increases the difficulty of reconstructing shredded documents.

NSA Approved: ​NSA-approved refers to shredders that meet specific NSA criteria for maximum security. These shredders are a type of micro-cut shredder, but they achieve an even finer particle size (no larger than 1mm x 5mm) and undergo a rigorous evaluation process by the National Security Agency.

P-5 shredders offer a higher level of security for highly confidential documents compared to P-4 shredders. The key difference lies in particle size (specific to Intimus models):

P-4: Shreds documents into particles as small as 3.8mm x 30mm or 3.8mm x 40mm depending on the model.

P-5: Shreds documents into even finer particles, around 1.9mm x 15mm.

The security level you need depends on the confidentiality of your documents. A P-4 shredder is generally sufficient for routine personal and business documents, offering a reasonable balance of security and efficiency. For shredding documents with highly confidential or sensitive information, you should consider a higher security level, such as P-6 or P-7, to ensure maximum protection.

The most secure type of shredder is the security level P-7 shredder, which shreds paper into tiny particles of about 5mm² and up to 1mm in width, making document reconstruction virtually impossible and ideal for destroying top-secret and highly confidential information.

P-7 shredders are designed for maximum security, shredding paper into ultra-fine particles as narrow as 1mm. Staples and paper clips, which are thicker than 1mm, don't compress like paper and can jam or damage the finely tuned cutting head. This is why it's important to remove these items before shredding to avoid jams and maintain the shredder's blades.

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