Intimus 120 CP4 Medium Office Shredder with Auto-Oiler

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Product Overview

  • DIN Level P4 shredder with final particle size of 3.8mm x 36mm
  • Efficiently processes 23-25 sheets of 80 g/m² paper, including paperclips and staples
  • Automatic start/stop function, auto reverse, anti-paper jam technology, bin full sensor and overheat protection
  • Dynamic Load Sensor shows users if they are feeding at the proper rate
  • Low noise level of 57 dB(A) for a tranquil work environment
  • 12.25" wide feed opening comfortably handles 8.5" x 11" documents
  • Dual dedicated cutting heads for paper products and plastic media
  • Mounted on rollers for easy relocation within the office
  • 31.7 gallon collection capacity with sealed dust-free wooden cabinet
  • Auto-oiler for low maintenance and extended cutting performance


Data Sheet: PDF File

User Manual: PDF File


Shredder Application Medium Office
Shredder Series Intimus 120
Cut Type Cross Cut
Cut Size 3.8 mm x 36 mm
Security Level (DIN 66399) P-4 | F-1 | O-2 | T-2
Sheet Capacity Up to 25
Shreddable Materials Paper, Paper Clips, Staples, Credit Cards, CDs & DVDs, Floppy Disks
Bin Capacity 31.75 gallons
Feed Width 12.25 inch
Speed 5.5 in/sec
Throughput Up to 680 sheets per minute
Noise Level <57 dB
Recommended no. of users 5+
Electrical Requirement 120 V / 60 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) 22 x 16 x 39 inch


The Ultimate Solution for Office Document Disposal
The Intimus 120 CP4 cross-cut shredder is a game-changer for busy office environments. Designed to streamline document disposal processes, this shredder ensures swift and efficient destruction of sensitive information, enhancing security and regulatory compliance. Its precise cross-cutting accuracy allows for effortless processing of various materials, from paper documents to credit cards and CDs, making it a versatile tool for any office setting.

Efficiency Redefined
With the ability to process up to 25 sheets of paper per pass, including staples and paper clips, the Intimus 120 CP4 boasts one of the highest throughputs in its class. Its high processing speed of up to 530 sheets per minute ensures rapid and effective document handling, saving valuable time and resources for your office.

Enhanced User Experience
Equipped with a range of smart features, including automatic start/stop function, auto reverse, anti-paper jam technology, and bin full sensor, the Intimus 120 CP4 ensures a hassle-free shredding experience. The intuitive i-control panel simplifies shredding tasks, while the Dynamic Load Sensor prevents overloading, optimizing performance and durability.

Space-Saving Design
The compact yet robust design of the Intimus 120 CP4 makes it a perfect fit for medium to high-volume shredding needs in office environments. Its 31.7-gallon collection capacity, sealed dust-free wooden cabinet, and mounted rollers for easy relocation ensure convenience and efficiency in waste disposal.

Quiet and Eco-Friendly Operation
Maintaining a tranquil work environment with a low operating noise level of 57 dB(A), the Intimus 120 CP4 promotes a productive workspace. Its automatic shutdown feature after 15 minutes of idle time not only conserves energy but also enhances eco-friendliness, aligning with modern sustainability practices.

The Intimus 120 CP4 Medium Office Shredder with Auto-Oiler is the ultimate shredding solution for any busy office seeking efficiency, security, and convenience. With its superior performance, smart features, and space-saving design, this shredder sets a new standard for office document disposal, making it a must-have tool for modern workplaces.

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