Intimus OmniShred Paper and Multimedia Shredder

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Product Overview

  • Powerful multimedia shredder with smart feeders for maximum user flexibility.
  • Ideal for various industries including healthcare, governement, offices, and warehouses
  • Innovative design with a single rugged cutting head and powerful motor.
  • Two feed openings accept a variety of media, including paper, CDs, credit cards, flat sheets, adhesive label, file folders, and optical media.
  • Top feed door for bulkier items like crumpled waste paper, CDs, thumb drives, and more.
  • Automatic start/stop via photo sensor for user convenience.
  • Unique paddle feed system for easy shredding of bulky items.
  • Continuous duty motor and advanced features for optimal performance.
  • High-quality sliding door with grip for easy feeding and safety.
  • Equipped with a powerful motor, castors for mobility, and i-control for streamlined operation.


Data Sheet: PDF File


Shredder Application Multimedia
Shredder Series Intimus OmniShred
Cut Type Cross Cut
Cut Size 3.6 mm x 43 mm
Security Level (DIN 66399) P-4
Sheet Capacity Up to 33 (Sheets), Up to 4 (Discs)
Shreddable Materials Flat & Crumpled Paper, Cardboard, Optical Media (CDs/DVDs), SD/Flash Cards, USB Thumb Drives / Memory Sticks, Floppy Disks, ID Badges / Access Key Cards / Credit Cards, Laminated Documents, Prescription Bottles, Adhesive Label Stock, Acetate Sheets, X-Rays e.t.c
Bin Capacity 30 gallons
Feed Width 12 inch (Front), 9.75 x 5 (Top)
Speed 160 mm/sec (Paper)
Throughput Depends on material
Noise Level <63 dB
Recommended no. of users 10+
Electrical Requirement 120V/1/60 – 20A
Dimensions (W x D x H) 26 x 22 x 42.75 inch


Intimus OmniShred Paper and Multimedia Shredder
The Intimus OmniShred is a powerful and multifunctional shredder designed for all industries, offering unparalleled flexibility with its smart feeders. This innovative shredder features a single rugged cutting head and a powerful motor, along with two feed openings that can accept a wide variety of media. The front slot is ideal for flat sheets, file folders, and optical media, while the top feed door allows for the shredding of bulkier items such as crumpled waste paper, Compact Flash/SD cards, thumb drives, memory sticks, medicine/pill bottles, and more.

Versatile Shredding Options
The Intimus OmniShred is a versatile all-in-one solution that can shred a wide range of materials, including crumpled paper documents, CDs, credit cards, adhesive label, pill bottles, syringes, and USBs. With multiple feeding options, this shredder offers exceptional user flexibility. The front feeding slot can accommodate paper stacks of up to 30 sheets, single CDs, or credit cards, while the top feeder is designed for shredding crumpled paper, CDs, floppy disks, and other bulky items.

Efficient Performance
Equipped with a powerful motor and advanced features, the Intimus OmniShred ensures optimal performance for all your shredding needs. With a throughput of up to 948 sheets per minute, this shredder can handle document shredding tasks quickly and effectively. The automatic start/stop function, auto reverse, anti-paper jam technology, and other features streamline the shredding process, making it effortless for users.

Durable and Reliable
Developed and manufactured in Germany, the Intimus OmniShred is built to last, offering exceptional durability and reliability. The sturdy construction, including a wooden cabinet base and metal top cover, ensures long-lasting performance. The shredder also features a spacious collection bin for easy disposal and enhanced mobility with castors for added convenience.

Secure Shredding
The Intimus OmniShred produces 0.1 x 1.7 inch particles, meeting security level P-4 according to DIN 66399 standards. This ensures that your sensitive information is securely shredded and protected. The shredder is designed to handle a variety of materials, including CDs, plastic cards, cardboard, foils, floppy disks, pill bottles, syringes, and more, providing comprehensive shredding capabilities.

Innovative Design
The Intimus OmniShred stands out as more than just a heavy duty shredder with its innovative design. The combination of a rugged cutting head, powerful motor, and two feed openings sets this shredder apart. The unique paddle feed system draws bulky items into the cutting chamber with ease, making the shredding process efficient and user-friendly.

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