Best Intimus Shredders

Intimus shredders are remarkable shredding machines with unparalleled technology and innovation. Intimus has been the first choice for the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and many other international organizations to deal with classified and top-secret information. A few Intimus paper shredders are listed in NSA Evaluated Products List that fulfils the Security Level 6/P-7 shredders standards. Curated with the highest security standards, Intimus paper shredders are the best tools to dispose of sensitive documents, including Military and National Security information.

Intimus shredder line consists of paper, industrial, and hard drive shredders to prevent data breaches and document recovery. Intimus hard drive shredders are cutting-edge devices that can degauss, punch, or shred optical media per the user's requirements. In addition, industrial shredders can tear through cardboard and turn it into helpful packaging material. Hence, Intimus Shredders provide solutions to all shredding problems with an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

For the convenience of our consumers, we have selected the Intimus top shredders based on customer reviews.

Intimus 85 RX Pharmacy Shredder

Intimus revolutionized the shredder industry by launching a Pharmacy Shredder as the only pharmacy shredder in the market. Intimus 85 Rx Pharmacy Shredder is a HIPAA Compliant shredding machine that meets the highest security standards to ensure safe applications in the health industry. Besides its innovative technology, the commercial-grade paper shredder has a compact footprint making it a smart addition to your workplaces and corporate offices.

Intimus 85 Rx Pharmacy Shredder is a modern technology to facilitate in house destruction of Prescription Bottles, Plain & Crumpled Paper, Cardboard, Adhesive Label Stock, Acetate Sheets, X-Rays, Foil Laminated Documents, Multimedia, Credit Cards, Passports, CDs and & DVDs. The heavy-duty shredder has a cutting capacity of up to 33 sheets and up to 5 bottles in a single cycle. The dual feed opening can accommodate a variety of materials, and the auto-reverse system prevents the feed from jams and blockages.

Intimus 85 Rx pill bottle shredder has a built-in automatic oiler to continuously lubricate cutting shafts, freeing them from adhesive residue and sticky liquids like syrups. Pair it up with Intimus Shredder Oil for the shredder to operate at its maximum potential and provide you with remarkable performance.

Intimus PacMaster Cardboard Shredder

Intimus PacMaster is a commercial cardboard shredder to shred cardboard sheets into valuable and durable packaging material. The high volume shredder features a 16.75-inch throat to accommodate up to 3 layers of cardboard in a single cycle. In addition, the unique head on the heavy duty shredder partially cuts and perforates these sheets into stretchable netting used to wrap fragile items.

Intimus PacMaster has well-designed controls for seamless user convenience and maximum operating ease. A Master Power Switch is an emergency stop, and the Forward & Reverse Switch ensures jam-free shredding operations. Mounted on rollers for easy relocation, the Intimus cardboard shredder enables unique and effortless corrugated recycling.

Intimus 120 CP4 Cross Cut Shredder

Intimus 120 CP4 can shred 25 sheets per minute at 27.6 feet per minute. The 12.2-inch broad feed gives users a lot of freedom as they can shred paper up to A3 size paper. In addition, Intimus 120 CP4 cross cut shredder can tear through non-paper media, including floppy disks, credit cards and optical disks.

Intimus 120 CP4 shredder has two specialized cutting heads, one for paper documents and the other for plastic media, enabling waste sorting and disposal. Despite a robust power potential system, the silent shred mechanism guarantees quiet operations. The shredder's apparent simplicity of use exceeds its comprehensive feature set, which includes numerous status indications, auto document feed and reversal, and automated light beam-triggered auto document feed and reversal.


Intimus paper shredder ensures that our customers and their data remain secure and uncompromised; these shredders are ideal for home and office use. In addition, the Intimus shredder swiftly reduces documents to tiny strips or microscopic fragments, making them nearly impossible to reassemble and decipher.

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